What is the difference between Riverbench Pinot Noir wines?

Riverbench Pinot Noir wines are truly expressive of the Santa Maria Valley, consistently showing the AVA’s classic bright red fruits and silky rich textures. Each block of our 81 acres of planted Pinot Noir is a little nuanced and every vintage a little different, resulting in wines that are similarly unique in character.

Our single-clone Pinot Noirs are premium examples of this nuance; they showcase the wide spectrum of flavors possible from the Pinot Noir grape by focusing on single strains of the varietal that are well-suited for our cool Mediterranean climate. Most are harvested from single blocks of the vineyard and aged in barrels from an individual cooper (barrel maker) that compliments the subtleties of each particular clone. Even in the same vintage, you may find one single-clone Pinot Noir to be savory and structured while another to be floral and elegant. Tasting the same clone across different years, you may also reveal how the grape responds to changes in the climate, evolves with time, and develops a personality all its own. 

Our Estate Pinot Noir is our flagship; a way to really showcase Riverbench Vineyard. Each year, we carefully select the clones and barrel lots that will make up this bottling so that it combines the best qualities of all different parts of the property. These wines tend to be approachable, fruit driven, and reminiscent of the best parts of Santa Maria Valley terroir. 

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