Are Riverbench wines vegan?

Riverbench wines are made to be vegetarian and vegan friendly. 

We do this in a number of ways, but perhaps the most significant is refraining from the use of fining agents. Instead of fining our wines, which typically involves the use of animal byproducts, we use a combination filtration system. By utilizing both a pad and cartridge filter, we are able to remove sediment and yeast without the need to further clarify the wines through fining. This also helps preserve the unique character and complexity of the wines.

We also use 100% natural corks for all of our still wines. However, for our sparkling wines, we use amalgamated natural cork, called DIAM. This cork refrains from using casein, a milk-derived glue common to amalgamated corks, but it does contain a minuscule amount of beeswax emulsion in its otherwise plant-based formula. 

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